Sunday, September 24, 2017

Roar and History

Roar By Edie Antoinette
Doe Eyes 1
Doe Eyes 2

Your roar Lion, and purr, Lioness,
translates like so many
echoes of power within
love..and love within
masculine and feminine beauty.

Do you realize how
much we miss you?
Do you hear the siren
song of our hearts,
a melody saturated
with appreciation
for what you've left behind?

You laid a fine foundation
..and each time that we are gifted
as we peruse your treasure in
the way you 'slapped it down
like a winning trump card',
we are enraptured to such a degree
that we can hear the pounding
of our hearts, literally.

We feel gratitude and pride
even at this very moment,
because we are reminded
of your legacy and
it's far reaching effect
on all that we are.

As we peer into your beauty
an inimitable beauty,
adorned by your blackness,
a blackness that we share.

Again, we say..

Roar, Dear Lion
and purr, Lioness,
in the Key of "We",
and by the roads that you've
paved and traversed
let us walk
on this,
the happiest of highways

..your history.

© Edie Antoinette 2007

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